Gone fishin’

After working intensely on an article, drafting a paper for RSA, and trying to scuttle the family from Syracuse –> Texas –> Syracuse –> Canada these last three weeks, I’m back. The fam and I had a great time. Personal highlights include eating 100 lbs of heart-stopping Texmex, touring the Alamo in a downpour, taking some time to read for pleasure (Erik Larson’s history The Devil in the White City is so brilliant), and catching this walleye on our last night in Canada:


But alas, I’m ready to refocus and stay home for the rest of this summer to start the diss process. In the meantime, I’ll post a review of chapter 2 of danah boyd’s It’s Complicated (part of a HASTAC scholars collaborative book review),  and my RSA paper, which assesses the rhetorical currency of print through zines.