Zine studies group on Zotero

zotero-logoFor nearly 10 years now, I’ve been using Zotero to organize my bibs. For those unfamiliar, Zotero is  a nifty reference manager similar to Mendeley or EndNote — except it’s free, open-source, and made by the super smart people at the Center for History and New Media of George Mason. As I understand it, I probably only exploit 10% of its capability since there are so many other ways to use it to integrate your scholarship across platforms if you know a little bit of code (alas, I do not — I couldn’t even get my Zotpress plugin to work here).

Anyway, over the last few days I’ve been trading citations over email with a far-away colleague, exporting my zine studies collection and adding texts throughout our discussion.  Eventually it occurred to me that it made more sense if I simply moved that collection from my personal library to a public group where anyone can view the items and members can actually edit them. It was also a good excuse to reach out to a few of the scholars who have written some of the work included in this collection.

So, if you have any interest in zines, take a look at the collection, feel free to join the group and use the list, or better yet start a discussion, clean up or expand the entries, and simply add more items. So far we have 67 items: 33 articles, 16 books, 7 chapters from ECs,  5 dissertations, and a handful of blogs and videos.


Screen grab from the desktop version of Zotero
Screen grab from the desktop version of Zotero