The short, short update

Returned from FL, got a super virus, watched a lot of Breaking Bad to recoup, started spring semester. Speaking of which, I had a great first week back. I’m taking an elective literacy class with Bx Howard (with emphasis on IP literacy) and a advanced research methods class with Iswari Pandey. Super jazzed about both syllabi. And after spending a whole semester reflecting on it, I’m teaching a WRT 205 course with a remix theme and digital writing “accent.” This semester should be much easier on the fam than last. In the fall Em was teaching a 5 load at 3 different colleges and I was teaching 2 sections myself (as opposed to 1 this semester). No terrible, but we had our hands full.

And speaking of that, and we’re especially pumped about the announcement that our second kiddo is incubating and due in late June. Huzzah!