Sick on vacation

Is there a crueler irony than being sick on vacation? Emily and AM had it so of course it gets passed along to me. First it was piss eye (second xmas in a row that I’ve been sick!), now swollen throat and aches. Hoping to avoid infecting my parents, I’ve quarantined myself in my their guest room today, freeing myself for the occasional meal and a Super 8 viewing (not worth it, honestly). The only good to come out of it is that I’m screening my own, private Breaking Bad marathon on Netflix (which is worth it) and reading a few novels on the year-end best ofs, including Ten Thousand Saints by Eleanor Henderson and Swamplandia! by Karen Russell (both great so far). Also getting into some of the odds and sods I missed out on in 2011 — ASAP and Clams Casino, The Horrors, and Coud Nothings — worrying that I really messed up my year-end list in the previous post.