Cause = Time

I imagine it’s fairly commonplace for bloggers to apologize for neglecting their respective blogospheres, so for that cliche alone, I refuse to do it. That said, if I’m serious about getting to that good place where I can “think like a writer” — and I’m reminded of what a distant land that place is no matter who you are — then I am required to enact self-discipline.

The problem is that I privately promise myself that I’ll eventually make time for the blog. But as the dates can attest, since early October I’ve been making one of the following excuses:

-“AM will wake up by [insert time here] so it’s pointless to start a new entry”
-“I have coursework to do; the blog isn’t obligatory”
-“I need to respond to an eWC request”
-“My WRT 307 lesson plan isn’t ready for tomorrow”
-“I should be running”
-“What are we having for dinner?”
-“My RSS feed is already telling me I have 1,000+ unread items”
-“I’m hungry” (<– not really)

In How to Write a Lot Paul Silva frames this problem neatly: “Finding time is a destructive way of thinking about writing. Never say this again.” Writers, he argues, need to allot time to write. That means no email, Facebook, shower, or coffee (which is where I draw the line) until I’ve met my daily writing goal.

So here it is. Starting tomorrow, after I brew my coffee, I’m allotting the first hour of every day to the blog. See you bright and early. Cause = time.