The last time the Bills beat the Patriots I was just starting my MA in Reno. That was eight years ago.* I wasn’t married and didn’t have a kid. It was the season (and home) opener and so I decided to hit what was then the Reno Hilton to catch all the 1 p.m. games with my friend Seth. Seth was from New Hampshire and an avid Boston fan in general so we were both pumped and anxious about it. The Bills had just picked up Lawyer Milloy from the Pats and, as a result, their playbook; and the Bills crushed NE 31-0. What a ruse. The Pats would go on to win the Superbowl that season while the Bills would experience an underwhelming 6-10 record.

Needless to say, yesterday was momentous in so many ways for Bills fans. It was a beautiful day, an exciting comeback game, and a serendipitous occasion to premiere my Superbowl XXV Thurman Thomas jersey. Although Bills fans are always cautiously optimistic (remember how we started 2008?), this team feels different. The wins are different. But for today, at least, it’s good to be a Bills fan.

Thanks to Nick Mendola for this one:

*I read in the paper yesterday morning that rookie Marcel Darius (who tipped a pass for the key interception that turned the game in the Bills’ favor) was in the 8th grade at this time.