The Return

Today marks my first day as a full-time doctoral student and I’m
feeling a bit bad about not keeping things current here. Since July 1, I was pretty much off campus every morning taking care of AM since Em was teaching two summer courses. And when I was in the office, I was taking care of everything pertinent to the WC admin rollover. Never a good excuse, I know, but I can feel a bit better about a few specific accomplishments last month:

  • Spending more time with AM has been nothing short of beautiful.
  • The tech is all right. Screaming fast, in fact, with a new Macbook and iPad. Totally set — and better be for at least 3 years.
  • I lost 15 pounds thanks to local inspiration, goal-setting at the cheesy-but-practical Livestrong site, tenacity to give up weeknight beer, and daily 40-minute walks with AM.
  • Finished Pollan’s In Defense of Food, which was a quick, helpful read given the new diet.

I’m considering this a back-in-saddle post. At some point this week, I’ll have a brief summary of the preseason academic week (which included Community Day, a 307 workshop, and Fall Conference) and some posts on what we’re doing in 733 (Digital Humanities) and 632 (Studies in Writing Pedagogy).