Buffalo Fireworks

After reading my pals’ inspired x-country bike blog this week (check it), I’m itching to hit the road again. I’ll be off to Montana a week from Tuesday, but before I do that all three of us are heading to Buffalo this weekend for my Aunt Barb’s annual Fourth Of July party. It’ll be a bit of a reunion: my parents flew in from FL last night, my cousin and her partner are driving from the ADKs, and of course we’ll catch up with some resident friends. For being only 2-3 hours away, we just don’t make it to my hometown enough and so a trip to Buffalo almost feels like a trip to Canada or FL.

Excited to see people, for sure, but also for live music. Friday night the ‘rents are watching AM so E and I can catch Centro-matic (the new album absolutely rules), Sarah Jaffe, and Roger Bryan and the Orphans at the Mohawk. I’m pumped about all three of these bands and a rare night out — and in Buffalo to boot. While on the road, I’m going to practice mobile (micro?) blogging with WordPress’s iOS app so bear with me.