Oh Canada

The fam and I spent last week cabin camping and fishing on Wolf Lake in Westport, Ontario. We’ve been going for four years now and the friends who initially invited us have always aptly captured the event with one word, all caps: CANADA. Since Westport is only 100 miles north of Syracuse, it’s a short enough away to minimize travel, but cosmopolitan enough to feel like an actual vacation (eh?). Plus it’s so ridiculously cheap that we can spend money on the important stuff: Canadian beer and food. This year our 1.5 million calories came from the usual suspects, but also some new ones (*’d):

  • apple pie, sausage rolls and tarts from the Westport Bakery
  • 4 cast iron pizzas (amazing)*
  • 2 logs of peameal bacon
  • 2 dozen CNY farm eggs
  • blood sausage*
  • 750 ml of 1800 (blanco)
  • 2 cases of Molson Brador (malty!), 1 case of Alex Keith’s White* (great with an orange), 12 bottles of Mill Street Wit*, and 12 bottles of Steam Whistle Pils*
  • Haley’s homemade granola*

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The only thing missing from this list? Walleye. Despite fishing every day for at least 5 hours, we only caught lots of angry pike (hell’s pickerel), dopy smallmouth and rock bass, various panfish and a few little perch. Not even a tug from heaven’s pickerel. Adding insult to injury, as we packed up the car to leave on Saturday morning, the newly arrived campers next door — some of whom had been coming to that lake for 61 years — were motoring in from their first morning outing. The stringer was loaded with at least four full and fleshy walleye, which they cut on our site’s dusty gutting table.

Aside from catching no fish, the other downer was that AM fell from a couch in the cabin on Monday and broke her collarbone. Aside from the initial pain, which was intense, she recovered quickly and after spending two days visiting doctors in the States (it was $500 just to start getting seen in Ontario), we were back to vacationing in no time. The bone should heal on its own in six weeks time and she’s already back to her hyperactive self.

All in all another great year and weather-wise we could not have asked for a better week.